Damn Cool! amusement arcade “Electric Kowloon Castle” in Kawasaki


Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong was once famous for being a slum area called the “evil nest”. Because of historical circumstances, amusement arcade it became an area where British and Chinese governments did not control, illegal buildings overlapped many times and the interior looked like a vast maze.

Although it was said that the population density was 100 times as large as the current New York City, however, the crime was rampant and it was in a bad environmental condition. It is said that hospitals, schools, food processing were made for people who work in this slum area.

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Demolition of the building began in 1993 and I can not see the real thing, but there is an arcade made up of this Kowloon Walled City motif in Kawasaki.

Its name is the Warehouse “Electric Kowloon Castle”

As I entered the entrance, there was a feeling of bad feeling like being in a haunted house.

It does not feel like an amusement arcade at all.


2F is a floor that can be played with shooting games, pre-crafting machines, UFO catchers, etc., but the strange atmosphere feels so powerful.

3F is a Medal Game Floor.

You can play Pool, Darts, and Ping-Pong in 4F.

5F is Internet Cafe.


This is the men’s restroom. It is very clean but with it’s art style it feels a little scary because it all feels too real.


However, the women’s restroom is bright like a hotel.



This is an impressive arcade with such an intriguing atmosphere, I highly recommend it!




JR “Kawasaki” Station

5 min walk



Amusement Arcade

Mon-Fri : 9am-1145pm

Sat, Sun, Holiday: 7am-1145pm


4F and 5F 



Map: 3-7 Nisshincho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

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