Visited an Underground Shrine Like a Different World!


Did you know that there is a space called Underground Shrine deep down in the ground of the Metropolitan area? You would never imagine that there is a huge shrine like a different world.

This place, sometimes used for filming movies or dramas, its official name is Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel. It is an underground waterway to take in water when the rivers in the surrounding area are about to flood and let the water run to Edogawa through a tunnel of 6.3km in total.

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There is a huge space underground of 78m wide and 177m deep. Fifty-nine pillars that are 18m high and weigh about 500 tons each support the ceiling of the water tank. It sure looks like an underground shrine.

This area in Kasukabe-shi, Saitama, is a lowland like a shallow-bowl and since it is easy for the water to flow in, the damage of flood was serious from the old times.

Since the operation of discharge channel which took more than 10 years to build, the number of flooded houses in Kasukabe area in case of heavy rain has reduced significantly.

You can go and visit this discharge channel, an extraordinary place like a scene in a movie for free! This amazing experience cant be told only with pictures, so please make a reservation and have a chance to visit!






Tobu Noda Line, “Minami Sakurai” Station

7min by Taxi (1,300yen) Get off at Ryukyukan  “龍Q館”



Map: 720 Kamikanasaki, Kasukabe city, Saitama 344-0111 


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