Lucky Cat Temple! Gotokuji


It is said Gotokuji Temple is the birthplace of Manekineko.

Manekineko means the lucky cat and it was a lucky charm with wishes for business success. when I was a child I saw it at various shops. Cats listing the right-hand invites money luck, and cats raising the left hand are said to invite (customers). There is the one that raised both hands, but many people don’t like it because it is too greedy. Fall between two stools.

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Recently there are various colors and blue is “Study Improvement” and “Traffic Safety”, Pink is “Love” and red is “Avoiding Diseases”. Black cat symbolized amulet or good fortune as “Fukuneko” and has “Disasters or Evil effect”.

People wished on the Manekineko and put it in their shop or company.

In January,  After people who got their wish come to dedicate lucky cat. There are over 2000 cats in January.

Lucky Cat. Biggest one is 5,000yen!

This is called “Ema” 絵馬ーwooden wishing plaques. You write your wish on them and then hang it on the board. You can find it in Japan in many shrines and temples.


You can buy “Ema” and Lucky Cat at this office.

There are as many the lucky cats as people who got a wish.

Why don’t you make a wish on Manekineko?




Odakyu line “Gotokuji” Station 12 min walk

Tokyu Setagaya line “Miyanosaka” Station 5 min walk

Hours: 6am-6pm, (Temple office: 9am-430pm)



2-24-7 Gotokuji, Setagaya, Tokyo


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  1. MameKongari says

    Thank you for the comment. its motivate me a lot!
    I sow your cats, they are so cute!

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