The only one Parasitological Museum in the world


Meguro Parasitological Museum. Parasites, parasites, parasites …

There is a horrifying parasite museum in Meguro. 

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The first time I learned about this museum was when I was a senior in high school when I heard a friend talk about it. 

He was asking advice for his first date with one of the classmate, so he told me to tell him what I thought about the plan. The plan was like this. It was a terrible plan to visit Meguro Gajyoen to watch the 100 million yen toilet, then go to the parasitic museum and then eat Italian in Shirokane. Of course I advised him that it was a little unpleasant to date for the first date, but regardless of the input he eventually took the girl with him and went on with his plan.

It seems surprising that the date was a great success. Unfortunately, after going to the museum and ordering spaghetti, it reminded them of tapeworms so the pasta wouldn’t go down their throats so easily. But the girl was very pleased with the date.

As I was still a high school student at the time, it made me thought about how us humans are very difficult to understand but also deep as well.

The only one parasitological Museum in the world.

This museum is a research facility established by the private funds of a medical doctor, Satoru Kamegai. Admission is free.


About 200 parasites are known to infect humans. 10% of these are true human parasites, 90% are zoonotic parasites, whose original definitive hosts are wild mamas and birds.  These are most popular parasites.

English translation is also available.


This tapeworm was found from man’s body!

There is a shop on the second floor. These T-shirts are so cool!

Of course, I do not recommend it as a date course, but since it is one of the best tourist spots for me, I definitely recommend everyone to go there. 





JR, Tokyu line, Tokyo Metro Nanboku line, Toei Mita line, “Meguro” Station

15 min work from West exit




Closed: Mon, Tue, New Year Holidays

Admission: Free



4-1-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro, Tokyo, 153-0064


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