Weird vending machine in Akihabara


Akihabara is famous for the electric city and Otaku culture.

So many people in Akihabara having fun their shopping at electronic shops, Anime and Manga shops, quietly enjoying their day.

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There are so many shops on the back streets as well as Main Street.

Maids smile and hand out fliers advertising the Maid Cafes on the Birabira street. It’s not an official name of the street, Geeks calls Birabira street because Maids hand out many fliers.

There is a street which is not many people little away from the main street, There is a weird vending machine.


The left side of “Manse” building which has cow’s landmark.

Weird Vending Machine! but its kinda dirty looking.

Beetles!? It’s not real. It looks like metal Beetles.


It’s said, ” This ball is bigger than yours.”  Stupid.. The right side is “Yakitori”. It’s Japanese barbeque chicken.

Seal Curry

Box in Japanese said “My goal for this year is to be able to speak English.

Also, be sure to put on a long poop and drow poop by poop. It’s quite difficult. 

and don’t think of world peace. I want 25-meter poop”. Stupid..

but I bought it.


I love this chocolate. Hey! It’s not weird! I expected weird!

Sea Lion Curry


Ezo Deer Curry

“This is not a restroom. If person who has poop or pee will be exposing pictures or videos of their faces and private region regardless of gender”

Maybe some people use it in the bathroom.


“Dear a person who did a graffiti, I’ll cut off your private region regardless of gender”

Stupid… but dangerous. be nice, be polite.


This is used 49 years old train tickets!

Isn’t it cheap for the train mania?

You may find something new, Check it out!



Map : 3 min walk from JR Akihabara Station


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