Shibarare Jizo – Unique Custom


There is so unique Jizo at Nanzoin Temple in Katsushika word.

Jozo is a bodhisattva and usually depicted as a Buddhist monk.

Jozo will take pains of suffering, so people with various sufferings make a wish to Jizo.

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Shibarare Jozo was made in 1701 and it means a Jizo strapped with rope.

People with various sufferings make a wish to Jozo and after that wrapped Jizo around a rope.

When the wish is fulfilled, untied rope.

The story is handed down in this temple why it came to tie the Jizo by the rope.



Why is it called Shibarare Jizo.

Once Upon a summer day, a cotton wholesaler pulled a cart full of cotton.

“Ah, it’s hot, let’s rest for a while”

He decided to take a rest at a temple.

He was tired and fell asleep carelessly.

” Oh, No, where is my cotton!”

The cotton of his cart completely disappeared while sleeping.

He rushed to the magistrate and  Chief OokaEchizen said

“Jizo is the only one in there, catch Jizo.”

Everyone did not understand why, but they tied the Jizo with rope and carried it to the magistrate’s office.

People in the town who saw it were amused and gathered at the magistrate’s office.

The magistrate office was filled with people in a blink of an eye.

Chief OokaEchizen says to shut down the gate and said

“It would not be a good idea to enter the magister office without permission. Giving cotton as a penalty. Otherwise, I won’t allow you to leave from here.”

The people gave cotton to the chief one after another.

The man who was stolen the cotton looked at the situation and shouted.

“It is my cotton!”

There was a thief in it. In this way, cotton returned to the man and Echizen builds a splendid temple for Jizo and unites the rope held a memorial service for Jizo.

It came to be called “Shibarare Jizo” by people in the town.

And even today, When you make a wish, you tied the Jizo with rope and untie the ropes when your wish come true.

Have a unique experience in Nanzoin Temple!




JR “Kanamachi” Station: 15 min walk

Hours: 9am-4pm



2-28-25 Higashimizumoto, Katsushika, Tokyo


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