Sumo Demonstration in Izakakaya Hananomai


Ryogokuhappyakuyacho Hananomai EdoTokyoHakubutsukanmae, Phew! it’s a very long name for the restaurant to remember… I’ll call just Hananomai.

In the middle of the restaurant, there is real Sumo ring. the ring used for Sumo fight, performance, concert and comedy show.

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Ryogokuhappyakuyacho Hananomai located in Ryogoku, Tokyo. Ryogkoku is the center of Japan’s professional Sumo wrestling world.

There is two Hananomai in Ryogkoku. Ryogokuhappakuyacho and Ooedohappyakuyacho.

Ryogokuhappakuyacho is the one that has Sumo demonstration.

It’s kinda strange to eat while watching Sumo fight! but it’s a unique experience!

This restaurant serves typical Sumo wrestler meal, Chanko Nabe(The Sumo stew) and full of tasty Japanese dishes at a reasonable price and has a fantastic Edo atmosphere!

They have English menu which has lots of pictures too.

Check out event schedule below and Let’s eat like a Sumo wrestler!

Event Schedule




JR, Toei Oedo Line “Ryogoku” Staion

5 min walk



Mon-Fri: 1130am-0am

Sat: 11am-0pm

Sun, Holiday: 11am-11pm



1-1-15 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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