Unique Jizo “Bearded Jizo” standing in Ueno Park


Did you know that the unique Jizo called The “Bearded Jizo” standing quietly in Ueno Park is a famous tourist destination? Benten-do temple in the middle of the Shinobazu Pond has Benzaiten (Japanese Buddhist God), which is said to have benefits of rise in money and luck. The location of this “Bearded Jizo” is enshrined in Benden-do in the middle of Shinobazu Pond, and many people are visiting the sacred island just beside it. There seem to be many people who do about the Jizo located here, so no one ever comes to pray to it.
For a Jizo not to be noticed is a very strange thing within the Japanese culture.

In Japan, there are festivals that are based on the male penis and female vagina, which is a strange festival taken place in some parts of Japan. This so-called “Weird Festival” is very popular in Kanagawa Prefecture called the Kanamara festival and another one Fertility Festival (Honen Festival) in Nagoya Prefecture. It is famous for having many people come from overseas to help out with the Mikoshi. In addition to these festivals, such faiths can be seen throughout Japan where they find objects to represent a god or deity but this time it is based on the penis and the vagina.

Dosojin(The Traveler’s Deity) originated from a model of a crowned father ancestral goddess with the wish of his descendants’ prosperity which has a role of blocking the invasion of invading evil spirits, epidemics and others invading from outside of the village and protecting people in the village.

This Dosojin(The Traveler’s Deity) exists in all over Japan while taking various forms, and there are many variations within the Jizo statues. Dosojin (The Traveler’s Deity) whose appearance is a Jizo when you see it from the front, but there are things that actually is shaped as a male penis in the back.

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The “Bearded Jizo” on the sacred island of Ueno Park is exactly the figure of Disjoin (the Traveller’s Deity), It is a Jizo when you see it from the front, but a male penis when looking at the back.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the Jizo’s face when it is the days other than the day of the snake. So for those who cannot visit during those days, please try to go around and give the Jizo a prayer from behind.

This picture is taken from the outside of the fence. If you go to Ueno Park please go to worship this strange Jizo.


Day of the Snake 2018

March 2nd 14th 26th
April 7th 19th
May 1st 13th 25th
June 6th 18th 30th
July 12th 24th
August 5th 17th 29th
September 10th 22nd
October 4th 16th 28th
November 9th 21st
December 3rd 15th 27th



Ueno Park



JR, Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya line「Ueno」 Station

1min walk



Map: 5-20 Uenokoen, Taito, Tokyo,110-0007


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