Go touch the Buddha’s Giant face ! Ueno Park


I know great Buddha in Kamakura, Nara, and Ushiku, but is there a great Buddha in Ueno park?

That was my first reaction.

Yes, there is the great Buddha in Ueno park, but it is little different. this is only the Buddha’s Giant face! No body, No head, Just face!

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I know some people expect huge Buddha and were disappointed in Buddha in Ueno.

Hey-hey, Just a minute! That’s what’s great about it. Just think about it.

Great Buddha in Kamakura, Nara, and Ushiku is huge. You can’t see his face up close.

but Buddha in Ueno is you can see up close and touch his peaceful face!

The Buddha’s giant face is famous for students praying for success in entrance examinations. Why do the students come to pray for success in their examinations?

The original statue goes back to 1631 and went through three major restorations after two earthquakes and a fire. But heavily damaged during the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake, the head toppled and the body became a jumble of pieces and stored in Kaneiji Temple.

In 1940, Only the body which stored in Kaneiji Temple were eventually melted down to make bullets for World War II.

The stored Buddha head was enshrined on the wall in 1972.

Students come to pray for success in their examinations because the statue overcame many difficulties and has nothing left to lose.

This is a small attraction to visit whilst in Ueno Park. When you visit ueno park, go touch Buddha’s Giant face!



Ueno Park



JR, Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya line「Ueno」 Station

0 min walk



5-20 Uenokoen, Taito, Tokyo


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