The god of hell, Enma! He was soft-spoken and gentle!


Enma is the god of hell who judges right and wrong after a human dies and he sends bad people to hell.

In Japan, it is said If you tell a lie, Enma will rip out your tongue.

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My mom always told me that for discipline.

You can see Enma before you die at the Hojoin Temple! Normally it is impossible to meet him unless we die but you can see him in this world in Tokyo and he talk! Can you believe that?


Once you throw money into an offertory box, Enma will talk! He was soft-spoken and gentle!

It’s an honor!




JR “Monzennakacho” station: 7 min walk

Hours: 9am-5pm



2-16-3 Fukagawa Koto, Tokyo


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